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Thanks for visiting the website! I am so happy that you have taken an interest in The Blue Rule book series.

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Denise M. Fleming

Denise M. Fleming

Here’s my Bio as a timeline:)

 1974 – Born to Robert and Linda Fleming (wonderful parents who I learned so much from.)

1992 – Graduated High School and signed up for the military

1992 – 1996 Served in the Air Force as a Surgical Technician

1994 – My one and only son was born – Xavier

1996 – Left the military to be a stay at home mom

1996 – My first daughter was born – Stefani

1999 – My second daughter was born – Ciara

2001 – My third and last daughter was born – Izabelle

2001 – Started attending Tri-C for my teaching degree

2006 – Graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Baldwin Wallace College

2007 – Started attending Graduate School

2007 – Started my teaching career at Old Brooklyn Community Middle School as a 5th  grade Math and Science teacher.

2011 – Graduated from Lesley University with a Masters of Education

2012 – Left OBCMS and started working at OHVA as a 7th grade virtual math teacher

2013 – Started The Blue Rule LLC, published the first book – The Blue Rule at the Park

2014 – Made the decision to leave public education and put full time effort into The Blue Rule LLC

What I have learned as a parent

First, I learned that children are absolutely wonderful, unique, trying, mind boggling, patience building, little adults. They learn by example or experience. As a parent, we have to decide which of those ways we want them to learn what. As many of us from the 1980’s, I have a pretty colorful past as a teenager, which I will never disclose in text. However, we can learn from our experiences and mistakes we made as teenagers to help guide us as parents. We need to let our children learn from their mistakes AND ours. It is not an easy task to decipher between the two. As a parent, I wanted to control the situations that arose. I wanted to protect my children from suffering any pain and making any mistakes. This is not realistic as I found out the hard way. I have been a parent for quite a long time now and am finally understanding how to be an effective parent. I am now starting to learn how to decipher between letting my children learn from their own experiences and be an example for them to learn from. As they get older, they need to choose and take more accountability for their words and actions as they approach adulthood. I don’t want to make their choices as I once wanted to and believed to be the right way to parent. I do want to be a role model for them; I want to be there for them when they do make a mistake and help them learn from it; and I do want to show them how to love their children, their spouse, and ultimately, their Creator to the best of my ability. I want to show them that taking responsibility for their words and actions by reflecting on them at all times is the way to learn how to be respectful of others. We have a very big and important job to do as adults; we are in charge of being the role models for the future adults of this world. God gave us such an unbelievable power that I sometimes wish He didn’t, but I totally understand why He did. The power of choice, or Free Will, is what molds our future through our choices of our words and actions.

What I learned as a teacher…

As an adult, we have a duty to act and say what we want the children of this world to act and say as adults. We are so quick to blame, myself included, for the behaviors of the children in today’s society. It’s not their fault. Whether you are a parent or not, you have the responsibility as an adult to be a role model to the neighborhood kid, to the kid at the convenience store counter, to the kid on the bike riding down your street. I don’t know of any adult who does not have any interaction with any children at any time. If they do, then they have to live in a cave on a deserted island. The leaders of this country, the CEO’s of the business we buy from, the managers of stores we shop at, were all once children who learned from ALL of the adults in their lives. We now have that responsibility. The children of today will have that responsibility for the children of tomorrow. Change can happen. I learned as a teacher to be an effective role model to children who were not of my blood. I learned as an adult that I will have an effect on children no matter what my profession. I learned as a person, that I need to be responsible for using respectful words and actions and reflect on them often to make sure that I’m being the best role model I can be and make the changes that are necessary to continuously improve on that area.