Analogies of Accountability

Tickle Me Not

When talking with a group of children, you can ask who likes to be tickled. Have them go to one side of the room and whoever doesn’t stays on the other. Then ask the ones who like to be tickled if they should go over and tickle the ones who don’t like to be tickled. They should answer no; then ask them why. They should state that because they don’t like to be tickled.

Gift Giving

You are going to a birthday party for a good friend. You know they play soccer, but you don’t. Do you get them a soccer ball even though you don’t like playing soccer? Why?

Play Date Lunch

Your friend is coming over for a play date. You know they don’t like pizza but they love hotdogs. You love pizza and you think hotdogs are okay. What do you ask your mom to make for lunch for the play date? Why?

Please share your analogies that have been successful by commenting below. Let’s help each other out!

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