Loving Your Child

I just got done reading the story of when Jesus was tempted by the devil. Man, that would be extremely hard for anyone besides Jesus, to not want to make that stone into bread after not eating for 40 days! Think about when we miss our mid-morning snack and what that does to us! This [...]

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We do it without even realizing it. We allow peer pressure, family pressure, or society pressure to have such a great effect on our choices. This can be detrimental when it comes to parenting. I can’t tell you how many times when I’m in a store I hear a parent say to a child, “if [...]

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15 Easy, Healthy, Quick Breakfast Options for School Days

School days are tough, especially when it comes to eating healthy. I’ve been a mom of school age children for over fifteen years, so I know only too well, the difficulties of getting your kids to eat a healthy breakfast. I’ve come up with 15 easy, healthy, and quick breakfast options to ensure your children [...]

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Think Back to a Time…

Think Back to a Time…. When you first became disciplined When you first shared your toys with a friend When you thanked someone When you used please when asking for something When you opened the door for someone Think Back to a Time… When you were not disciplined with something When you wouldn’t share When [...]

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5 Ways to a Less Entitled Child

So, you’re saying that it’s my fault as the parent that my children feel entitled?? No way! It’s the school or their friends that are at fault, not me. I didn’t make them that way!”  I had this mentality for quite awhile, in fact I had this mentality up until maybe a month or so [...]

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How to Teach Selflessness to your Children

Most adults will agree that the current generation is one of the most lazy and entitled generations to date, well, what we remember to be. Growing up in the 1980s, my mom was my mom and my dad was my dad. Sounds weird huh?! Nowadays, parents are so worried about being their kids’ friends that [...]

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Parents DO Make Mistakes

Parents are humans even though we may feel like robots at times. We make mistakes just like everyone that is a human being does. I made a big time mistake yesterday morning. I am not proud of it and have been beating myself up mentally for 24 hours because of it. Did I learn from [...]

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