At the Park

What would you do if your friend asked you to go to the movies when you were at the park with a different friend?

I think it’s important for children to put themselves in the place of the person that hurt them as well as let them know their feelings. Thinking from Rooga’s point of view helps children to think how they would handle the situation if they were in Rooga’s position. Some answers I’ve gotten from this question are: “I would ask Shooga if he minded if I went to the movies with Tooga.” Another child stated, “I wouldn’t have gone or I would’ve asked if Shooga could go too.” This question really gets the kids thinking of the other person’s position.

What would you do after Rooga left the park with Tooga?

A great question to get them out of the “victim” thinking. How could they react that would make the situation better? Some children stated, “I would find another friend to play with at the park.” Another child stated, “I would see if my mom could take me to the movies too.”

How do you approach a friend after your feelings get hurt?

A very good question to help children learn an effective way to handle a difficult situation. It’s important for children to learn how to approach people in a way that helps resolve and not make worse. One child answered this by, “I would wait until I was not upset anymore, then I would talk to them.” This was a great answer because we were able to discuss that it’s not good to talk to a friend when you are angry or upset. Another child said, “I tell them how I feel.” This again, sets up a great discussion about sharing your feelings in an effective way.

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