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The Art Gallery

Did you print out the coloring pages and your child did an amazing job coloring one of the pictures? Did they get so excited about the Blue Rule books, that they drew their own scene from the planet, Benevolent? SEND IT TO US!! We want to display these works of art from our most important fans!

Please scan it and mail it to us as a pdf attachment OR take a picture of it and send it to us as a jpeg. We are so excited to add your child’s artwork to our gallery!

Kid Quotes and Reviews

When you read the Blue Rule books to your children, did they say something that just put you in awe of them?? Send it to us so we can share it with the world! We will only publish the quote with the first name of the child.

We also would love to hear what your child thought of the books; send us their review, we have no problem accepting constructive criticism from the mind of a five year old.

Click here to send us an email!

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